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Sphere - Issue 1

“There is nothing permanent except change” Heraclitus

Change brings out different emotions in each of us. Some of us are change junkies, others like the stability of the familiar. Some of us like changes that we can control but hate those imposed on us, others cope well even when there is no choice.

Be it the growth of the global church, migration, urbanisation, the expansion of social media, the demise of Christendom, or the credit crunch, the world is a very different place today to even a few years ago. How are we as Christians, especially those with a passion for mission, handling these changes? Are we excited by the new opportunities, or do we view the future with a sense of resignation whilst looking back with nostalgia at a bygone age?

The old paradigm of mission from ‘the West to the rest’ is long gone but how are churches responding to the new reality? In this issue we hear from a church with a passion for partnership and another seeking to use experience gained from overseas mission to reach out to different communities in central Glasgow. Cyprian Yobera, a church leader from Kenya, also shares his vision to bring hope to deprived areas of Greater Manchester.

If you have inspiring stories to tell, issues to address, useful resources to share, or ideas as to how we might better support the mission community, please get in contact.

Martin Lee
Director of Global Connections

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