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Cappadocia, Turkey
Istanbul Cityscape
Antalya, Turkey - Mahir Uysal
Total area: 783,562 km2
Population: 79,814,871 (2017)
Literacy: 82%
Official languages: Turkish
GDP (PPP) per capita: $25,776 (2017 est.)
Life expectancy: 74 years
Religions: 97% Muslim, 3% Agnostic or Atheist, <1% other religions
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WEC International
January 2022
Kurmanji Kurds

There are 27,000 Northern Kurds living in the UK. They speak English, but most will speak Kurmanji in their homes. This people group grapple with issues of integration: how to preserve their culture while also being involved in Western life. Most Kurds are Muslims, though there are several different factions. They have the JESUS film available in their language, so pray that churches would be aware of the need to reach the Kurmanji Kurds in the UK. Pray for spiritual encounters that lead to finding the truth.

November 2021
Turkey – Middle East Concern

Since 2019, expatriate Protestant Christians have been targeted by authorities in being expelled from Turkey, refused re-entry, and refused residency renewal. They’re labelled security threats, though none have been convicted any crime. Turkish courts have been unwilling to overturn the decisions. Pray the decisions will be overturned, Turkey will respect the right of Christians to religious freedom, and the church in Turkey will thrive.

WEC International
October 2021
Lebanese Arabs

There are around 43 countries where the Lebanese Arab people are found, with four locations where they remain unreached: Morocco, Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Pray for those living in these countries: that each of them will come into contact with somebody who can introduce them to Jesus. Pray that any potential persecution will not be a barrier to missionaries reaching out to this people group.

Transform Europe Network
September 2021
Sept-Oct 2021 - 1. Turkey – Transform Europe Network

TEN’s partner in Turkey asks for prayer as 163 forest fires broke out in August. The fires reached the cities of In Antalya and Mugla and many villages and houses were burned. In the fires in Bodrum, Marmaris, Koycegiz, Dalaman, Fethiye and Seydikemer, many people were left homeless. Please pray for God’s mercy for the homeless and those whose houses, animals, and crops are burning. Pray against chaos and that social media does not spread unhelpful theories. Pray for the churches as they seek to show the Lord’s mercy, love, and peace.

WEC International
June 2021

63 million people living in 68 countries, huge numbers, but each one is an individual who needs to know Jesus loves them. Pray for the teams living and serving among Turks, especially those working in areas where it is dangerous to share Christianity openly. Pray for God to give these workers faith, courage, wisdom and protection.

May 2021
Pandemic and economic turmoil in Turkey

As the Turkish lira plunges in value, economic turmoil combined with rising Covid cases, has left many people facing a devastating and difficult future. Political, religious and ethnic identities are also causing strife and deep-seated anger. There is a hopelessness that can be seen in peoples' eyes. Pray for the rulers in Turkey to be wise and courageous and take decisions for the good of everyone. Pray for those who find themselves in a place of darkness and despair; that they will recognise that God loves them and is alongside them in their hardships and struggles.

WEC International
February 2021
Karakalpak unreached people

There are 874,200 Karakalpak people living in eight countries around Central Asia, including Uzbekistan. Praise God that the New Testament and the Jesus film have been translated into their language. However, still less than 1% of Karakalpak are Christians. Pray for those who can read scripture or access the film to respond in faith and then share the good news. Pray also for God to send more workers to this muslim people group and use them to bring change.

WEC International
December 2020
Kurdish people

It remains a huge challenge to reach Kurdish people in Turkey, Syria and Iran. Iran has the second largest Kurdish population. Pray, that Kurdish believers will become deeply rooted in biblical truth and will have the wisdom to know how to deal with the excesses of western culture, often associated with Christianity. Pray for mature Kurdish believers to rise up as leaders. Finally, please pray that God will stir people’s hearts to regularly pray for this unreached people group.

SAT - 7
July 2020
The Church in Turkey

Please pray for Christians in Turkey following an increase in attacks on church buildings and threats against Christians and minorities. The incidents, reported by SAT-7 TÜRK’s Current affairs programmes, include an arson attempt on an Armenian church in Istanbul and death threats against people connected to the Hrant Dink Foundation.

Reach Beyond
February 2020
Bible translated in authentic Adyghe language

The Adyghe are an unreached people group in Turkey. They once lived in the North Caucasus region of Southern Russia for more than a thousand years until they were conquered by ethnic Russians. They then fled (or were deported) to Turkey and the Middle East. From the 10th to the 17th Centuries, most Adyghe were nominal Christians, although many now claim to be Sunni Muslim. Pray that the Bible translated in authentic Adyghe will connect with their ancient oral traditions. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move among the Adyghe people.


January 2020
Political, religious and ethnic strife in Turkey

Turkey is a country of great significance, but it is also a country divided. Society is polarised as never before. Political, religious and ethnic identities are causing strife and deep-seated anger. Over the last 18 months, the economic situation has greatly deteriorated, and unemployment is high. Its recent invasion of Syria sought to relocate 2.5 million Kurds from Turkey to northern Syria. Pray for the President, that he would desire to live at peace with and be particularly merciful towards Kurds and Syrian refugees living in and around Turkey’s borders. Pray for God’s Spirit to break out on this land bringing revival and God’s blessing.

December 2019
Digital media reaching into Turkey

Worldshare’s partners, Kanal Hayat (Life Channel) are an evangelistic Christian satellite TV channel broadcasting into Central and West Asia 24/7 into areas such as Turkey, where 98% of the population is Muslim. Thank God for using digital media for his glory, and pray that as this avenue expands, people who do not otherwise have the opportunity would hear the good news and believe.



Al Massira
October 2019
Kingdom advancement in Turkey

As many in the world look on in despair and desperation at what is happening in Turkey, the advancement of his kingdom and opportunities for the gospel through Al Massira (AM) increase. With rising tensions politically and the expulsion of many foreign missionaries, the Turkish church is strengthening. Al Massira is being used by Turks, Iranians & Afghans in Turkey to help equip the Church for service. Pray for the Farsi version of AM being used within small group settings, as well as the Turkish version being used amongst seeking groups, in & outside of Turkey.

Transform Europe Network
August 2019
Bringing Jesus to the Turkish people

Few of the 73 million Muslims in Turkey have heard the gospel; very few people are evangelical Christians. The situation for Christians is becoming increasingly difficult. Pray for God’s protection over Christians, as they continue to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Reach Beyond
December 2018
Forgiven not condemned

A young married woman recently revealed to our Arabic partner that she had betrayed her husband and wanted to repent. Jesus didn’t condemn the woman caught in adultery, but rescued and saved her. After praying, she gave her life to Christ. Pray for her and others like her.

Lawyers' Christian Fellowship
July 2017
Pressure to Perform

Anna, a Christian law student, is under pressure to pay a bribe to pass her end of year exams. Grades are not based on merit but dependent on who offers the highest donation. Church is often blocked on a Sunday by protests or threats – yet she clings to Christ. Through in-depth Bible study and mentorship, the LCF is supporting students like Anna to understand how to be deeply rooted in the word of God to be a witness within their community.

May 2017
Praying for revival

Turkey is the land of Noah, Abraham and Paul, of Mount Ararat, Antioch, Haran, Ephesus, Galatia and the Seven Churches of Revelation. Yet today in this land of 79 million people, 98% are Muslims and the number of Turkish believers is very small. Turkish Christians asked for prayer that God’s will be done in their beloved country and for his kingdom to come there. For many regions have no church and no believers. They ask that the Lord’s hand be with them and that a great number of people will turn to the Lord.

Arab World Ministry of Pioneers
May 2016
Safe outlets

It’s not everyday that you hear a strong declaration of faith in Christ from someone raised in a Muslim majority country. But Hosni contacted the media team via WhatsApp with this urgent request for spiritual support: “I believe that Jesus is God… I need to know more about Jesus and the Bible.” Pray that social media will continue to be a safe outlet for Muslims to seek Jesus. 

Reach Beyond
March 2016
Turkish Christian radio

There is only one local Christian radio station in Turkey and that is based in the capital, Ankara. The station is well respected in the Turkish radio industry and has a growing audience and a deepening influence in the city. The station has recently started a new programme for children which has short stories that draw positive lessons from the Bible. They advertise, “We can know God better, and this programme is an opportunity to better understand Him.” Pray for younger listeners to respond to the station each day and for lives to be changed.

January 2016
Church in Islamic State

Located just 30 kilometres from the Syrian border, the Protestant Church in Mardin, south-eastern Turkey, recently rang to the praises of a packed congregation some 55 years after persecution and migration forced its closure. The varied worship during the church dedication was a symbol of cooperation between churches of varied ethnic backgrounds. There was exuberant Evangelical praise, unaccompanied Syriac hymns, and worship in Kurdish accompanied by baglama guitar. Praise God for this rebirth, for the incredible witness of such hope and unity where churches have been bombed by so-called Islamic State (IS). Pray for growth and for ongoing service to the Mardin community. 

November 2015
Refugees from Syria

With the increase of civil and religious war, Syrians are fleeing their country and crossing borders into Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. Workers report that multitudes of refugees are disenchanted with Islam due to the abuses they have experienced at the hands of other Muslims. They describe the eagerness among Syrians to embrace the secure hope that we have in Christ. A team recently reported, “God is moving in an unparalleled way among the Syrian people. As we went from home to home, visiting families we shared the good news of Jesus, explaining how his sacrifice covers all sin, and in every single home we visited, God opened eyes and hearts…every single home yielded fruit. The harvest in this part of the world is ripe and we must pick now. It cannot wait!” Pray for Syrian refugees, that many would have the chance to hear the gospel as workers minister to them with compassion and love. Ask God to send more labourers who will courageously follow Jesus to love refugees and displaced peoples.

March 2015
Attacks on women

Women in the city of Erdogan have been dressing in black and protesting on the streets and on Twitter in response to the recent murder of a woman after she resisted rape. Turkey based Human Rights Association estimates that the number of women killed by men in 2014 was at least 257. Women are resorting to dressing ultra conservatively, carrying pepper spray, feigning phone calls to men, and avoiding being alone with a taxi or bus driver. Pray that the men and women of Turkey will learn of the love of Isa (Jesus) for women, and that they would begin to value one another as God’s beloved creation.

Arab World Ministry of Pioneers
January 2014
Held back by fear

Many seekers in the Arab world are hungry for the truth of Christ but are held back by fear. The potential backlash from their family and society can keep them from taking concrete steps of faith. However, a combination of media outreach and face-to-face contact has helped to provide a safe place for those exploring the call of Christ. Hamdi’s* desire for fellowship and knowledge won over his fear, and he filled in the contact form on our Arabic ministry website. An Arab Christian volunteer - who used to be a Muslim himself - was given the responsibility to meet up with Hamdi. He had never met anyone with so much hunger to know everything about walking with Christ. He was so encouraged and began meeting regularly to study the Bible together. *Name changed

November 2012
Searching for truth

"In the past, I attended a lot of Islamic groups. But I could not find peace. I am searching for truth. For this reason I want to read the New Testament. Please send me one." This is one of thousands of messages received by the follow-up teams of Kanal Hayat, which broadcasts Christian TV in Turkish, Azeri, Turkmen and now Uzbek. Over 355,000 people responded to the programme during the first half of 2012 - four times more than in 2011 and more than a hundredfold increase on the same period in 2009. Recent months have seen a major increase in people coming to Christ through the broadcasts. The pastor of one Turkish church reports that in one month he has had seven people coming to his church who have found Christ through the Kanal Hayat broadcasts. Praise God for the fruitfulness of this ministry and pray that sufficient funds would be received to maintain it.

September 2011
The way of truth

“I am a Muslim and a devoutly religious person. But now I am watching Kanal Hayat and on your channel I can say I have heard words about the way of Truth. I want you to send me a New Testament. If the research we are doing shows us the New Testament is completely the word of the Lord and we believe this, we as a group  will want to meet you and join you.” Pray for this man, and very many others, who are being challenged by the message of Christ through Kanal Hayat, a Christian satellite TV channel. In April over 800 inquirers contacted the station and over 14,000 programmes were downloaded from the website.

July 2011
Faith in isolation

The area which is now Turkey was once the heartland of the Christian Church - churches in Ephesus, Colossae, Laodicea and elsewhere played a significant role in the Apostle Paul's ministry. Sadly, almost all of this was destroyed. Nevertheless, since 1960, when there were only a handful of known evangelical Christians, there has been a significant growth in numbers to several thousands of believers today. Pray for these Christians, who, spread thinly around this huge country, often live out their faith in isolation and must contend with the hostility with which Christianity is held.

Middle East Concern
November 2010
Ethnic and religious unity

Approximately 20% of the 73 million people in Turkey are of Kurdish descent with the remaining 80% identifying themselves as ‘Turkish’, mainly defined by a sense of sharing a common culture and language. After years of difficulties, Turkey has recently seen strong economic growth. EU membership talks were launched in October 2005 although negotiations are expected to take at least ten years. Pray that the various ethnic and religious groups in Turkey would be united in their efforts for an improved and more peaceful society. Also pray that the EU membership application would drive further improvements in human rights for minorities.

Organisations with connections in Turkey

Turkey flag
Total area: 783,562 km2
Population: 79,814,871 (2017)
Literacy: 82%
Official languages: Turkish
GDP (PPP) per capita: $25,776 (2017 est.)
Life expectancy: 74 years
Religions: 97% Muslim, 3% Agnostic or Atheist, <1% other religions