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Arab World Media is a ministry of Pioneers. Our vision is to see mature, multiplying churches among all Muslim peoples of the Arab world.

Arab World Media engages unreached peoples of the Arab world through media to facilitate church planting as the Holy Spirit enables.

Our strategic objectives are to:

  • Connect young people of the Arab world with the gospel of Jesus Christ through online and social media
  • Engage seekers and their friends through online conversations to encourage them on their spiritual journey
  • Disciple seekers and believers to depend on God, obey him and share him with others
  • Facilitate church planting movements by encouraging new believers to reach their own social networks and by linking new believers with indigenous groups
  • Support ministry to Muslims of the Arab world by providing literature and audiovisual material for evangelism and discipleship
  • Support ministry to unreached people by providing IT security products, services and training to missionaries and churches
  • Support the use of The Journey and other church planting programmes and methodologies for church planting efforts in the Arab world

Since it began in 1959, Arab World Media has a rich history of sharing the gospel through media with hundreds of thousands of Arab world Muslims, answering spiritual questions and connecting new believers with local fellowships in their own country.