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Ways to make a difference

I would like to highlight a visit by a couple from our sending church who came to see us. No tourist activities for them! Instead, they demonstrated true servant-heartedness as they generously spent time listening to us concerning our situation, challenges and needs, and responded with insightful sensitive comments and prayer. They also came to our offices and did the same with a number of our colleagues and workers, praying with as many as wanted it. What a comfort and blessing to have such caring brothers and sisters in Christ!  

Maria, Senegal

The lead pastor and other pastoral staff get my newsletters and I know they read them because they send me one line replies on a regular basis. Sometimes about very trivial things, sometimes about something I have asked for prayer for. It doesn’t take long but it makes me feel connected with the church leadership.


Amongst the many things we could mention is the gift of a Christmas present every year of a book sent to us by the church’s mission group covering an aspect of mission life or current thinking. Thank you!

Paul, formerly in Spain

I once received an envelope stuffed full of individual home-made cards from a Sunday school class at my church. It was a brilliant surprise and a great encouragement to see what the children wrote.

Helen, Tanzania

For 10 years, one home group leader from our church has regularly been in touch with us, prayed with us, remembered our birthdays, and introduced us to new group members when we are back in London. 

Debbie, Middle East

One way that our church made such a difference was in helping to pay for one of our prayer partners to come out and care for me for three weeks following a major operation. That meant that our three children kept up a regular life, my husband could keep working and I was fed and loved while I recuperated. I thank God for them!

Jackie, formerly in East Africa


Other ideas:

  • Take a group to send them off at the airport.
  • When they’re coming back, make a DVD so that they’ll recognise people. Or post a recording on YouTube…*
  • If they’re renting out their house, arrange for a group to help clean it before they leave.
  • Do a Skype interview with them during a service.*
  • When they come back, make sure their home has food and drink so they don’t have to go shopping.*
  • If you are planning a visit, ask them specifically what they would like you to bring out.


*Taken from 101 things to do to support your mission partners available at www.syzygy.org.uk/guides