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Mission DNA

Pray for your city workers

How many people in your congregation work in a city?  How often do you specifically pray ‘up front’ for them and their Christian ministry in the workplace?  During a Sunday service why not interview one of the congregation for two minutes, asking a couple of questions about their daily occupation, what they will be doing TTT – ‘This Time Tomorrow’. Anyone who identifies with the issues raised is invited to stand when the person is prayed for.

Christian life and work

The UK could be transformed if the church were to envision and equip 'ordinary' people to make a difference wherever they are. LICC produces some excellent resources regarding the theology of work and being a disciple in the workplace for both workers and church leaders. For handouts and tools for church and small-group meetings and more, visit http://bit.ly/liccworkresources.

Review your mission focus

Do your church mission budget and the projects you support reflect the fact that over half of the world’s population now live in cities?  Or do you support mostly rural projects overseas?  Perhaps now might be the time to re-examine your mission focus. Why not be intentional about looking to support inner city work in the future and pray for the Lord to raise up people from your congregation to this ministry.

Encourage inner city ministry overseas

Are there people in your congregation feeling called to inner city ministry overseas? How will you encourage them to explore this calling?  Experience could be gained by volunteering with a city mission, or by joining a short term urban team in the UK or overseas. The Christian Vocations website has short and longer term opportunities in urban locations – visit www.christianvocations.org.

Encourage your congregation to get involved locally

Working in partnership with others is key to reaching a city, so do find out about the opportunities already there for members of your congregation to get involved in urban ministry in your city or cities nearby. There might be a Christians Against Poverty centre or a Street Pastors group, a local town or city mission, or a food bank, a people’s supermarket or other voluntary initiatives you can join.