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SAT - 7

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Making God's love visible across the Middle East and North Africa through Christian broadcasting via satellite television.

Through the power of satellite television and digital media, SAT-7 is bringing a message of hope, love and peace directly into the lives of millions of people across the Middle East and North Africa, every day. Our channels bypass strict government censorship and – watching privately at home or on a mobile device – viewers can side-step pressure from those around them.

SAT-7’s dynamic and engaging programmes provide:

  • Education for children and adults in every area of life
  • Advocacy for Christians and those on the margins of society
  • Discipleship for seekers and believers to help them grow in their faith  

SAT-7 broadcasts 24/7 in the region’s three main languages: Arabic, Farsi and Turkish. It is watched by over 21 million people (IPSOS, 2016) and pledges to be there to respond to the hundreds of people who contact us every day.

This is SAT-7 (2-minute introduction)