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European Christian Mission Ireland

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We aim to glorify God through the planting and development of churches that will evangelise and disciple the peoples of Europe

ECM’s mission is to plant and develop churches throughout Europe. Church planting is our strategy for Europe because it’s only through loving communities that Europe can really experience transformational change.

ECM believes that Europe needs the Gospel. Having been the centre of Christendom for centuries, Europe is the only continent where Christianity is now in decline. Many years of secularisation, immigration and the rising standards of living have replaced faith in God with a multiplicity of different beliefs and lifestyles. Europe has become a complex multicultural and multi-religious continent, full of challenges..

ECM believes that God continues to work through these developments. His light still shines in Europe and He continues to move forward and build His church.

ECM also believes that church planting is the strategy to bring transformation Europe, since God has chosen the church as his instrument to reach the whole world with His Gospel of salvation.

ECM therefore longs to see loving communities all across Europe which follow in the footsteps of Jesus and pass on the good news of the Gospel through both word and action. By having that love like Jesus, people can change local communities. And through the surrounding communities they can transform a region, through a region the country, and through the county the whole of Europe..

In order to fulfil this mission,  ECM mobilizes people from all over the world who work to achieve this interdenominationally, with  their faith rooted in the Bible as their foundation.

In order to support and encourage one another, ECM missionaries always work in teams and this teamwork also provides possibilities for personal growth and training.

ECM’s commitment to faith and prayer is a core value on which all the agency’s work is based.