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All Nations is an interdenominational evangelical mission training college in the UK.
Amnos Church Planting School is one of only a few schools of its type in the UK, seeking to provide a training resource for those called to engage in church planting and church growth through proactive evangelism.
We equip Christians for serving God, in Church, in Mission, in Life, whether in local communities or around the world. Not only do we offer top quality Degrees and Postgraduate Theology courses, but we seek make sure our students have the character, depth of faith and relevant ministry skills to be effective in serving God wherever the journey leads.
Bible School and Christian Holiday Centre
Where TEFL training and Christian mission come together
DNA serves churches, develops leaders and makes 21st century disciples
We help leaders articulate their authentic values so they lead credibly from who they are, and build values-based organisations that transform society.
ForMission college, is a training provider, offering BA and MA programmes, we are based in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Online. Throughout all of of our training, no matter what level, mission is our heartbeat.
Growing leaders who are captivated by the wonder of the gospel of grace
For cross-cultural tentmaking missionaries who cannot give up work to attend residential colleges
Moorlands College provides a challenging learning environment where men and women, passionate about Jesus Christ, may be nurtured and equipped to impact both church and world.
Oak Hill offers deep-rooted training and a range of resources for Christ-centred ministry in our complex world.
Providing English language training to Christians in the UK and to training teacher of English as a Second Language online to closed countries.
Advancing holistic mission through scholarly engagement.
SEAN International is dedicated to writing Bible courses for TEE (Theological Education by Extension)