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Healthcare Forum News 2017

Resources, news and forthcoming events for the Global Connections Healthcare Forum

The Global Connections Healthcare Forum aims to help facilitate better networking and sharing among those involved in healthcare work. If you would like to share information about your work, have events to highlight, or news or resources to share, please get in touch so they can be included in future mailings.

News and Information

Revalidation for doctors, nurses and midwives working in mission

The current requirements for health professionals to maintain registration and licenses to practice have changed in the last few years. If you or your sending agency are uncertain what these changes mean and how to maintain registration in the UK, Global Connections, with CMF and Parish Nursing Ministries UK have produced a set of guidelines and information. To download visit their page.

Medical Service Ministries (MSM) closes after a century of service

After 113 years, the Christian medical charity MSM closes but invests its resources in the future of compassionate and holistic healthcare. The Christian charity Medical Service Ministries (MSM), after an honourable history stretching back to 1903, has decided to amalgamate its resources with those of a like-minded organisation. During its lifetime, MSM has enabled Christians to provide physical and spiritual healthcare to communities in countries where such resources are scarce. Taking into account the way in which healthcare has developed worldwide, it has been decided that the most effective way for MSM’s work to continue and grow is to entrust the resources of MSM to the UK-based Christian medical charity PRIME to support what they are doing in a very similar field. MSM wish PRIME well as they develop their vital work yet further.

Developing Mental Health e-Journal release

Developing Mental Health is an electronic publication for mental health in developing countries -promoting fresh ideas to reduce suffering worldwide. Like its hardcopy predecessor, which was distributed to over 200 countries, Developing Mental Health will have a particular role in supporting those working in mental health arenas in resource poor settings. It also highlights relevant articles from the academic world and practical tools to help and support individuals working on the front line. Developing Mental Health is published by PRIME. Sign up to receive Developing Mental Health e-Journal here.

Christian Journal of Global Health

The Christian Journal of Global Health, Vol 3, No 1 (2016) 'Sustainable Development and Human Flourishing' with articles on the Sustainable Development Goals, the lessons learnt from the West Africa Ebola outbreak, and much more has online free access, registration is required. To register go here.

Best wishes,

Steve Fouch (Christian Medical Fellowship/Chair of the GC Healthcare Forum)

Laura Prime (Global Connections)