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Short-Term Mission Code of Best Practice

What is CBP?

Global Connections is committed to helping organisations with short-term mission programmes operate at the highest standard of practice possible.

 The Short-Term Mission Code of Best Practice (CBP) was developed by GC in 1999, offering organisations the opportunity to review, clarify and improve their practice. Organisations can then use the CBP logo to demonstrate their participation, and the logo will appear on any GC publicity material they are part of, for example SERVE Short-Term.

Who is it for?

Any UK mission agencies, churches and other Christian organisations that run gap year programmes, individual placements, electives and team trips of up to two years duration.

How it works

To “operate under the code”, organisations must take part in the review process every two years. This is done through an online form which is then externally reviewed by a member of the Short Term Mission core group, who are all members of Global Connections.

Once you are approved, you may use the CBP logo and can say you operate under the code, but it is important to specify exactly which year you undertook the review.

The CBP process is reviewed regularly to make sure organisations have the best and easiest experience possible, with the most recent review conducted at the Short-Term mission forum on the 19th October 2016.

Look out for the “Bolt-Ons”

These are additions to the code to help churches and organisations practically implement elements of the code. These can all be downloaded in the menu on the right hand side of this page.

If your church or organisation is involved in organising short-term mission trips and is committed to high standards, do consider taking part in these regular reviews.

Contact Andy Law if you would like more information.