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Safeguarding children guidelines

The Global Connections network believes that ensuring children are protected is vitally important. These Safeguarding Children Guidelines have been produced to help any organisation that has contact or works with children, especially in an overseas context, to ensure children are properly cared for and protected.

Children are abused by adults, other children and young people. It happens in families from every social, religious and cultural setting and can involve leaders, teachers and workers. We should not think ‘it could never happen in my organisation’, because it might! Child abuse is a serious crime and its consequences far-reaching.1

Our motivation in producing these Guidelines is based on our desire that God is glorified in all that we do, and because we are committed to upholding principles of justice, support and offering protection to those who are weak and vulnerable. We recognise the risks to children and our responsibility as Christians in protecting and safeguarding them to the highest standards possible.

These guidelines are designed to be used by any church or Christian organisation with a base in the UK acting as a sending agency overseas, both short-term and long-term. They are designed to safeguard children of families working overseas and children with whom organisations come into contact. They make particular reference to situations where there are no statutory safeguarding structures.

These guidelines are offered as a basis to ensure that people working overseas take safeguarding children seriously. They are intended to be informative and helpful, and not restrictive or overwhelming. Our prayer is that all Global Connections members will take these guidelines seriously and that all churches and organisations will work through the suggestions and consider how they can make improvements.

These guidelines have been developed by Global Connections TCK Forum in consultation with other Forums and professional advisors including the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS), and have been updated in August 2015.


1 From Safe and Secure - key facts, Standard 5, produced by CCPAS