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Have you ever felt isolated in your role amidst ever increasing pressures and responsibilities? Meet, share and be encouraged by people in similar roles and ministries from across the network - together we can improve common practice. 

Participants from organisations who are not yet members of Global Connections are welcome to come along to Forum events, but we would encourage you to consider becoming network members in order to benefit from significant event discounts in the future. Learn more here.

Bringing CEOs together for mutual support
CRIB is a network for evangelical Christians who are involved in all aspects of engagement with Muslims and Islam in Britain
Raising interest and expertise in financial matters
Providing resources and networking opportunities for trustees
Providing news, resources and information for those involved in mission healthcare
Improving practice among those committed to to an integral approach to mission
Resourcing those involved in HR to serve people in God's mission
Caring for mission partners in the 21st century
A network for those involved in mission education across the UK
Addressing key issues affecting mission in the Muslim World
Working together to enhance short-term mission practice in the UK and beyond
Family matters in cross-cultural mission