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Navigating Through Covid-19: Resource Hub

Though restrictions have lessened, many parts of the world are still experiencing hardships due to the pandemic. Many are still learning how to adapt, adopting new methods of communication, and considering how ever-changing legislation applies to current circumstances.

We are very much aware that the mission sector is not exempt from this situation and we know mission agencies, mission-focused churches, church streams, support services and mission partners have been impacted physically, emotionally, financially and mentally. We are so thankful that in times like this we can lean on Jesus, and staff here at Global Connections are continually praying for our members and the Covid-19 crisis that has hit our world. We are also thankful for the abundance of useful advice, resources and thought-provoking articles that have cropped up since coronavirus hit our shores. We have collated some of this information below and we hope that you find this page useful. 

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