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Inspiring and thought-provoking resources

We are so thankful that in times like this we can lean on Jesus, and staff here at Global Connections are continually praying for our members and the Covid-19 crisis that has hit our world. We are also thankful for the abundance of useful advice, resources and thought-provoking articles that have cropped up since coronavirus hit our shores. We have collated some of this information below and we hope that you find this page useful. 

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Is the global coronavirus pandemic a judgement from God on the world? Or is God doing something different through this crisis? This article from FIEC explores.


An article by Peter Grier exploring how there are opportunities to look outwards and upwards that may help us right now as we grieve what we have lost.


An article reflecting on how we can serve effectively during this time.


C. S. Lewis’s words—written 72 years ago—ring with some relevance for us today.


Various articles reflecting on topical issues to get you thinking during this time.


In a world gripped with fear, Hope 15:13 – a movement inspired by Romans 15:13 – offers a message of hope, joy and peace – a message that needs to be heard and a message that needs to be proclaimed. This site also shares useful resources including lockdown ideas and kid's activities.


An article from the Evangelical Alliance reflecting on how hope can be contagious too.


An article exploring what it looks like to depend on God during these uncertain times.


This article from the Evangelical Alliance highlights some of the positives that can be drawn from the current situation and how we can use this time to share our faith with others.


Thanks to social distancing and lockdown rules, it’s safe to assume that pretty much everyone, in some way, has had to accept that something they’d been looking forward to is no longer feasible. This article uses scripture to deliver some helpful tips on how to deal with disappointment.


Our members Thrive Worldwide share some parenting tips for the season.


Some ideas of how you can feed your soul during this time.


Useful content from the Regional Training Coordinator of IFES to inspire you during this time.


Webinars to explore how our faith and the example of Jesus equips us to be reconcilers in our relationships and in a fractured and hurting world.


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