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Supporting mission partners

How can churches best support and link with their mission partners? The What can I do? guide offers a number of suggestions for practical and spiritual care before they leave, while they're away, and when they return. Prayer is such an important part of the role of any supporting church, but often those that don't know the people personally struggle to know what to pray for. Have a look at these prayer guides for ideas of how you can be praying for the mission workers you support.

A booklet to help those returning from short-term mission
Praying for mission partners
A seven day prayer guide designed to help individuals and churches in praying for their mission partners
A seven day prayer guide produced in consultation with many who work extensively with MKs
Stories from the fontline
How do churches support mission partners effectively? Some mission partners share their stories
Guidelines for good practice in Member Care
Member care providers
A list of organisations offering support in the provision of member care.