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Small Resources - Big Impact

Satellite Television transforming the Middle East through hope in Jesus Christ

“Our respective skills are quite different (a sound engineer and an administrator) but we both shared a desire to use them in short term service. SAT-7 was the ideal choice; Rick worked with the broadcasting and technical teams while Andrea helped within the communications team. We were really encouraged by the way our skills could be adapted and used in support of SAT-7’s unique ministry of ‘making God’s love visible to those in the Middle East and North Africa’.”  Rick and Andrea Posters, Volunteers 2013.

How did you hear about SAT-7?

I first heard of SAT-7 several years ago when they had a stand at Word Alive. I chatted to someone about the ministry and asked whether there might be an opportunity to of getting involved in some way in the future.

What prompted you to undertake a short-term placement?

I was hoping to take a sabbatical from work, using the time to do something worthwhile (as well as rest a bit!). My employers agreed the time off and so I got back in touch with SAT-7 to ask about a short-term placement. Andrea and I were pleased to discover that as well as finding a meaningful use for my technical skills, SAT-7 wereas able to use Andrea’s admin skills. This meant that as well as supporting me and learning more about SAT-7’s ministry, Andrea had a role too!

Tell us about what you were involved in.

In a month we managed to see how various programmes were made, across the different 'sites', and gain more knowledge about SAT-7’s organisation. I reviewed the audio side of programme-making and broadcasting, with a view to seeing where any improvements could be made. This included giving sound training at the studios in Lebanon, Egypt and Cyprus. Andrea was available to assist administratively and found there was plenty to do towards Network (SAT-7’s annual supporters’ conference).

What did you enjoy most?

Visiting the studios and seeing programmes being made. There was a constant feeling that the gospel was reaching places that are inaccessible by other means. And we were blessed by the amazing hospitality offered to us, especially in Lebanon! We were also able to spend some time sightseeing and relaxing, which we really appreciated.

What did you find most difficult?

Accepting the amazing hospitality offered to us by those engaged in SAT-7’s ministry. When giving training, the language difference sometimes made it tricky to know whether or not it was actually helping!!

What do you feel you gained from the experience?

From a professional point of view, the technical quality was outstanding considering the budgets SAT-7 has; there are many talented people who do a lot with limited resources. It was a huge encouragement to learn that there is such positive Gospel work going on in hard-to-reach parts of the Middle East, and to see it produced by local people. Those who make the programmes care about their audiences - and are having a massive impact. They have the potential to reach so many people who couldn't be reached in any other way. This is the good news we never hear about from the MENA region!