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Precious times... Privileged Life

My time with BMS Action Teams was a whirlwind of cultural, physical, spiritual and emotional challenges but I can honestly say that when they advertise it as ‘the best year of your life’ they tell no word of a lie!
The month of training offered as a crucial part of this short-term experience gave me the opportunity to get to know 21 amazing young Christians and share in precious times of fun, prayer, laughter, teaching and worship. This orientation covered everything, from creating a strong team unit with God at the centre, to dealing with spiritual opposition, to reducing the risk of embarrassing cross-cultural slip-ups!
Our time in Kolkata threw me completely out of my comfort zone but provided me with six months of incredible moments where I learned how to seek God away from the comforts of home and familiarity, but also see Him at work in a place where there is such hardship.
Finally, sharing our experiences on a two-month tour visiting schools and churches in the UK enabled us to process all those jumbled thoughts and lessons learned during our time overseas, whilst hopefully encouraging others in their own Christian journeys.
It is a very tall order to even attempt to summarise how much this year has opened my eyes to the world. It is easy to focus just on the time overseas (which was
absolutely incredible), but everything that was built into the experience – the teaching, the fellowship, the times of reflection, the privilege of sharing our experiences with those around the country – all played their part in a completely life-changing year.