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Drama, Discovery & Development

The 2013-14 student team reflect on their year at Riverside Performing Arts:

‘I remember finishing a performance of our story theatre show, ‘The Three Billy Goats’ Stuff’ at a nursery when one kid came up to hug us, quickly followed by a whole mass of kids coming up to hug us!’

That was one of many memories from the 2013-14 RPA drama team. But the RPA course is more than developing performance abilities; it’s about discovering yourself, developing leadership skills and growing as a disciple of Jesus.

‘I’ve got to know myself a lot better. Being away from home and getting so involved in ministry, my faith and reliance on God has grown. I’ve applied and rooted my childhood faith.’

So would we recommend it to others?

‘RPA is a great combination of drama training and training in ministry. RPA shoots your confidence through the roof when it comes to being upfront, exercising leadership and engaging in performance. The experience of learning in a supportive Christian environment and touring around schools, churches and youth groups is an incredibly rewarding one. Drama courses with qualifications are great, but what’s particularly good about RPA is the experience of living as an actor that it gives you.’