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Brexit and Global Mission

Brexit and your responsibilities

‘May you live in interesting times!’ is reputedly an ancient Chinese curse. And we are certainly living in such times now!
Many of Global Connections' members will be impacted in the coming days, weeks and months – and quite possibly – years. Irrespective of your own personal views on Brexit, it will impact you, especially if you or your organisation work:

  • in the EU or EEA, or
  • have offices or assets there,
  • if you have staff, volunteers or members who are EU27 nationals working in the UK, or
  • if you have placed EU27 or EEA nationals anywhere else in the world

Spiritual responsibilities
All of Global Connections' members have shown a commitment to global mission. This is our raison d’être – our primary responsibility under God is to keep global mission before God in prayer and before the UK church. We are called to be focused on the needs of the world. I encourage you to keep our eyes on our primary calling to global mission – our horizons are and must remain global. We almost certainly reflect the divisions within the country: we will have different perspectives on Brexit and upon what policies the UK government should be pursuing. We have the choice to find ways to maintain and deepen our unity – or not. Jesus called us to unity in Him so that the world might believe. We follow Jesus, who claimed to be the way, the truth and the life. We are committed to this Jesus, and therefore we are committed to upholding truthfulness and policies that affirm life, especially life in all its fullness. In all of our dealings with one another and with people and organisations outside of our network, let us reflect these commitments, conducting ourselves with grace. Underlying these points, let us devote ourselves to prayer and humble service, seeking the well-being of this nation and those where we have people labouring under God in the missio Dei

Practical responsibilities
The government has now published guidance and advice on the web under the title Get Ready for BrexitI urge you to refer to the government’s guidance as a matter of urgency.
Developing an FAQ resource
Global Connections will be monitoring developments and will keep you posted. However, it will be extremely helpful for the network for the flow of information to be two-way. Therefore, I propose that we start an FAQ-type resource for our members.
This will work as follows:
If you have specific learning points connected with Brexit – for example, connected with travel, visas, currency exchange or transfer – please forward the learning point(s) to We will collate the learning and share with our members via email. Please head your email as 'Brexit Learning Point'. Please state clearly if you wish us to anonymise your contribution.
Likewise, if you have specific questions about Brexit and its likely impact, please email me and head your email 'Brexit Question'. We will endeavour to respond to the question(s) raised.
Current GC documents
We will be updating our guideline documents when we receive new advice or information.
The following two Global Connections’ documents were updated this year:
Briefing Paper ATOL Regulations 2019  and Briefing Paper for Package Travel Regulations 2019

At present we believe these documents to still be correct, but please bear in mind that many things may change in the coming weeks. If in doubt, please ask for clarification and seek legal advice, and inform us of any updates we need to inform our members about.
Further help / support
One category of membership within Global Connections is Support Services. Here you will find a list of organisations with relevant knowledge and expertise. We have already heard back from some organisations that are willing to offer their services on this matter - please call the office on 01926 487755 for details. 

If you have specific knowledge and skills in this area and would like to be included, please let us know.