Vision and strategy | Global Connections

Vision and strategy

Global Connections, the UK network for world mission, is a network of agencies and churches working together to help the UK church engage in world mission in contemporary and appropriate ways.

Our vision

 To see Christians, churches and agencies connected for God’s Mission.

Our mission

Global Connections seeks to be a growing, vibrant network of UK churches and agencies, working and learning together to equip, challenge and inspire UK Christians for cross-cultural mission.


Strategic goals and outcomes

The network seeks to see the following outcomes:

  • ENGAGE – Promoting greater understanding of global mission issues and trends relating to strategy, theology and practice
  • EXCHANGE – Developing and nurturing a thriving community of mutual learning and shared experience

  • COLLABORATE – Building relationships, developing partnerships and exploring together the future direction of mission at global and local levels

  • RELEASE  – Supporting Christians to find their vocation in life

  • EQUIP – Resourcing and signposting UK churches and mission agencies on a range of operational matters