Overseas mission networks | Global Connections

Overseas mission networks

  • Australian flag
The Australian network serving organisations, churches and individuals, providing training and resources for all aspects of missions and people in all roles
  • Canadian flag
The EFC’s Global Mission Roundtable provides a platform for collaboration around common issues, challenges and opportunities which are key to the Canadian Church's effectiveness in global mission
  • Danish flag
Promoting cooperation in mission, safeguard common interests in relation to Danish and foreign authorities, representing the Danish mission organisations in relation to international networks, and organisations raising awareness and understanding of mission in the Danish church.
  • Finnish flag
Established in 1919 to promote the missionary societies and the cause of world mission in Finland
  • German flag
The AEM in Germany is a federation of more than 100 evangelical mission agencies, relief organisations and educational institutions
  • Icelandic flag
The Icelandic Lutheran Mission was founded in 1929 and seeks to share Jesus Christ to all nations
  • Indian flag
India Missions Association is the national federation of missions in India
  • Flag of the Republic of Ireland
iMap - Irish Mission Agencies Partnership was set up in 2007 as an initiative joining together Irish mission agencies and the Irish Church to develop their desire to see the Gospel advanced in Ireland and abroad
  • Dutch flag
A consortium of more than 120 churches and missionary organisations in the Netherlands
  • New Zealand flah
Connecting people in New Zealand with a heart for mission: agencies, churches, church mission committees, training organisations, individuals and couples - enabling them to gain mutual benefit and cooperate in joint initiatives
  • Nigerian flag
NEMA is a networking association and fellowship forum for missions movement in Nigeria comprising of missions agencies, organisations and churches who come together under one umbrella to foster the work of mission
  • Norwegian flag
NORME aims to stimulate Norwegian leaders for mission and evangelism to search together for common reflection on strategy and theology as well as inspiration and focus of shared visions.
  • Portuguese flag
An association that brings together and represents almost all evangelical churches in Portugal
  • Swedish flag
The Swedish Mission Council is a forum for churches and Christian organisations working together to provide opportunities for people and societies to change
  • Swiss flag
The association of evangelical missions of German Switzerland is an umbrella organisation of some 35 mission agencies and seven theological schools
  • Flag of the United State of America
Connecting the Great Commission community of North America
Assisting the church in Latin America to become missionary people and able to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations